maine-matters is meandering, dare i?

Just a few thoughts on Spring..any time now?

How much longer before we are able to head out to our secret spots and start picking these delectables?

March hasn’t been co-operating however April is but a few days off and things can change quickly this time of year ..

(Just something I want to throw out there… Do these below really play second “fiddle” to those above? I’m sure it’s a difficult choice for some..)

Anyways maybe we’ll do a little motorcar touring this spring and summer..

who knows where we’ll end up?

Perhaps somewhere Downeast?

Of course there will be lots of boat rides to our favorite haunts..

But they all, well mostly, start at home.  What’s that saying about the journey beginning with a single step? Or in this case, at the turn of the key of the outboard..

Where will our new summer journey’s take us?

Will it be here…

Or here….

How about this iconic Maine spot?

Or perhaps this hidden gem…

It could be any or all or more…

The point of of it? Well I’m not sure if there is a point except that now that we seem to be on the cusp of spring perhaps we can mentally cut loose of the grasp that winter has had on us for the past 5 months. Maybe even swap out those snow shoes for a nice pair of boat shoes..

I’m getting excited!