The Night I Saw Yogi and Mickey

With the recent passing of Yogi Berra, I’m transported back to the first baseball game I ever attended..

Place..Boston Massachusetts

Setting..Night Game at Fenway Park..

Teams..Boston Red Sox vs New York Yankees..

Growing up my first hero ( other than my Dad ) was #7 of the New York Yankees.. Mickey Mantle

 Dad had landed box Seats at Fenway for a night game between the BoSox and the Yanks.  He was a Shell Oil distributor and had managed to wrangle their seats for the big rivalry. (Not so big in those days as the Yankees seemed to be winning championships every year and steam rolling every team in their path to do so.)

And now we were heading south on the recently opened Maine Turnpike.. me, Uncle Oscar and the ol’ man.

What a way to break in…my first first time at and the Mick..together.. at last. And when he stepped up to the plate for his first at bat? It was a dream come true.

It was one of “those” early memories that get seared into the mind of a child. One that you carry with you for your entire life.

Mickey batting..Yogi behind the plate..and Whitey on the mound..The Splendid Splinter in the field..

It is still so clear in my minds eye some 55 years later..

Thanks Dad and so long Yogi..