Stalking The Wild Christmas Tree

On a recent bright and sunny but frigid day we  (me , the wifey, and Big Ray), spent an invigorating hour or so on our almost annual wild Christmas tree hunt. This tradition has been passed down for years through the tangled generational limbs of my family tree and I’m sure that my father and ancestors before him never paid for a Christmas tree. No such concept existed in the old man’s consciousness. But I confess that the giving of compensation to someone for a harvested tree is something not alien to me.

 But not on this frosty morning, during this Christmas season. So with trusty bow saw in hand we hit the trail..

With Big Ray on high alert for new sniffs, critters and any hand movements on Pat’s part toward the direction of his kibble pouch, we worked our way down the trail..looking for just the right one. No Charlie Brown tree this year. At least we hoped not.
 In the past we would normally do our tree hunt during bird season  when we could find our fir without the boughs being weighed down with snow. Of course this is a great technique as long as you remember where it was. Somehow they can look different in December then in October.  However we did not do that this year and our search was complicated a bit by the recent snow we had received.
Regardless of the cold temp, coldest of this new winter season,
(so far)
the beauty of the newly fallen snow on the evergreens was undeniable. It’s so nice to see green in December.
Finally our choice was made and we were on our way back home with our 2013 Christmas Tree in tow.
Once again the family tradition has been renewed and hopefully there will be at least a few more Christmas seasons to continue to do so.