Sad Day…A Boating Season Gone

It’s a sad day…
I’ve officially given up on the 2013 boating season..the signs are everywhere…
From floats stacked up in parking lots at the Belfast Public Landing
to my driveway where the winterization process was begun. 
I recently took advantage of one of the last  warm days that we’re apt to have and gave The Rebel Sport a thorough washing and waxing, which took most of the day.


All the boating gear was removed and the front of the trailer was jacked up to drain out as much bilge water as possible.
This coming weekend I’ll finish up with a complete interior cleaning and vacuuming. And once she’s nestled into her garage birth, the batteries will come out. And there she’ll sit for 5 months or more. (I hope not that long!)
That will be it..and if the Good Lord is willing, we’ll be back on the beautiful waters of Maine come next April or May.

Until then..