Shoo Fly..Don’t Bother Me!

Deer Flies..

I hate ’em..more than black flies..more than mosquitos. And for about 6 weeks they are the ruination of my outdoor experiences. 

There seems to be no getting away from them, not even on the water. During our last boat ride on Belfast Bay we slowed down to a crawl to investigate a quiet cove..


It wasn’t long before two of them simultaneously started munching on my right ankle. So much for our flat water tour..full throttle.  And now 4 days later that same ankle continues to be the recipient of liberal doses of calamine lotion.

But soon the biting baas-tids will die ( I guess they have around a six week life span) which is about 5 and a half weeks too long if you ask me.

Until then we will be swatting at them with our tennis racquet shaped bug zappers. Working on our forehand, backhand and underhand motions. Occasionally being rewarded with the pleasing sound of electricity being delivered to one of the little devils.