Schooner Warfare On The Almost High Seas

   Yesterday morning found me lamenting that I had missed the Great Windjammer Race in Rockland on Friday the 6th:
     And while most of the State of Maine was suffering under heat and high humidity, we decided to take a cruise on Penobscot Bay to catch some cool ocean breezes.  
     After stopping off on one of our favorite islands, letting the three dogs aboard take a refreshing dip, we spotted a pair of these wonderful sailing vessels off in the not too distant distance.
     It wasn’t long before  it came to mind that this could have the makings of a grudge match. Perhaps to right a perceived wrong or a restoration of damaged pride leftover from the big race on the 6th?
     It was a throw down and the challenge was on. The pair of two masters started to close on one another.
     With mainsails, foresails and jibs overflowing with wind, the schooners were heeled over and straining at the bit, like a sleek racehorse.
     A beautiful sight to see..wind filled sails, old glory atop the masts and two marvelous ships from the past abreast one another..
     Soon they were neck to neck with the beautiful island of Islesboro for a background, perhaps crossing some imaginary finish line in a dead heat. I hope so..
     For there could be no loser in this competition.  
  But for sure there was a winner and that would
It will probably be the highlight of my 2012 bay cruising summer. I can not imagine how it could get any better than this..
My most heartfelt thanks to their crew and passengers…
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