Lesson Learned From Last Spring

Lesson Learned

 I’m really looking forward to getting out this early spring to get in some fly fishing for brook trout. Last year during one particularly nice stretch of warm weather, my faithful fishing companion, Ray my big yellow lab, and I headed for a morning’s pleasure on a small stream here in Waldo County..But a very sad thing occurred.Here is that story….

So I’m out brook fishing Sunday with my big yellow boy Ray. It was a fine spring day and I had the windows down and the sunroof open..blasting some tunes..feeling fine..It started to get a little noisy in the Jeep with the air furiously blowing in so I decided to just keep the sunroof open and close the windows..Up they go with an accompanying  loud snap..It seems that in my effort to provide Ray with a comfortable traveling experience I had forgotten that the tip of my new fly rod was sticking out the drivers side rear window..

    You know when those power windows close there’s a fair amount of squishing power involved..much more than a fly rod can stand..So my second new ultralight fly rod was delivered a few days later and which, even to this day I still have,  completely in tact..Lesson learned…I hope……....