Pretty quiet around here lately….

Pretty Quiet Around Here Lately

    maine-matters has been pretty quiet as of late, not a whole lot going on..the warm days of 10 days or so ago got me really fired up about spring and getting my boat out of winter storage
    but… now that cold weather reality has slapped me in the face with the snow from this week’s storm and the cold, penetrating wind that came after it, I’ve decided to keep The Rebel Sport under cover for a bit longer.
     I won’t make the same mistake that I did a couple of seasons back when I prematurely got her spring-i-fied but ended up having to clean out a pile of snow. So even though there is open water, I guess the waiting game is still on, until it warms up just a bit,  for those lake dwelling silverbacks.  
     Until then I will be on the hunt for some brookies in the backwoods of Waldo County….
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