Hocomock Hike plus Moody’s

Recently on a lovely late winter day here on the mid-coast the spirit moved us to explore new ground..to get out and about and do a little tramping about the Maine coast. So picking up the trusty Delorme we settled on a new triail down Waldoboro way, The Hocomock Nature Trail in Bremen. And an added bonus to the ride would be a stop over for lunch at Moody’s Diner.

Having had our mid-day meal consisting of a cheeseburger, a hamburger and two piece’s of pie, we headed a bit further south to our destination,

The Hockomock Point nature trail.

Now it was a bit confusing once we arrived as the road leading to the trail head as it looked much more like somebody’s driveway than a public way. However once we figured out it was safe to continue and not be confused with unwanted intruders,  it was soon very evident that our choice for our hike was going to be well worth our gas money.  That is if the view at the head of the trail was an indicator.

The trail, which reminds me a lot of the shore trail at Moose Point State Park in Searsport, follows the shoreline of a portion of Muscongus Bay and the views are classic Maine coastal scenes . Mostly ledge, evergreens, seaweed and the occasional very small gravel beach.

The trail is a loop about 1 mile long and easy to walk. A little bit hilly but with very gradual grades.  Some of it goes through woods interspersed with old stone walls  but most of it follows the shore.

A hike of this length, even if a somewhat easy trek, seemed to be as much as Zed’s little legs would co-operate,

so after a bit of a rest , some sun therapy and of course training kibbles, we turned the corner and headed back to the start.

It was a half a day well spent and comes highly recommended.

Wicked good!