We’re Losing Our View Or Those Damn Trees

Riding back home from Camden last evening we drove by the location of the old Snow Hill Motel that sat on a knoll just past Lincolnville Beach.

The old motel used to be packed all summer long with No Vacancy sign posted every time we drove by.

It seemed to me to be a very pleasant spot, neat and tidy, and a marvelous view of the bay as seen in this old postcard..


Well..that view? No more..Unless you enjoy viewing a solid bank of trees and brush totally obscuring the blue of the bay. Now don’t get me wrong, I am a tree lover but not a tree hugger and like them very much..when they “know” their place.

There are several spots like this that come to mind. 

Heading out on Rt. 52 before you get to Lincolnville Center there used to be a wonderful view of Pitcher Pond where the road hugged a hay field that dropped down to the edge of the woods. That field, and view, are long gone as are the days when we used to toboggan that steep pitch. 

Riding the rails of the B&MLRR along the Passy used to provide some nice views of the river. Of course the railroad is gone as are the views. It’s too bad because hiking the old rail line would be much nicer if one could actually see the river a little more.

My sister Linda bought a house on Union St. in Belfast many years ago. And from her back deck we would gather for steamers and lobster to enjoy the panoramic view of the bay. Need I say what that panorama is like today?

viewAOf course if we choose to have those steamers, say in January, we could once again enjoy the view.

From the looks of things, the views that we enjoyed growing up will forever more be just fond memories.

Those damn trees..