No Bad Time For A Campfire Breakfast

    I’m an early riser. I take the early to bed and early to rise thing quite literally. Although of the three consequences of this, wealth and wisdom..I can only testify to the first.

     Some of my most inspired thinking hits me after my second cup of coffee..say about the 4:30 mark. And around that time a couple of early morning’s ago, I was going thru some photos of our past camping trips , and looking forward to another one of those trips this coming summer. 
Part of that experience is of course eating campfire food, particularly breakfast. And even though we don’t exactly live in a wilderness are we do have a required fire pit and a campfire breakfast is certainly not out of reach.

   Normally our fires are reserved for the evenings but there is something really special about the morning fires. I mean one can ward off the morning chill as easily as the evening chill, is it not so? And could it not also be that the smell of  bacon sizzling over an open flame would provide for me a sense of comfort and an overall feeling of well (baconish) being?
 Relaxing by the warmth of the flames, I plan my strategy. 

     When the fire is deemed just right, the coffee pot goes on and soon starts to perc it’s little heart out, steam rising into the cool, morning air. Anticipation….

A closeup reveals the bubbling, brown liquid…
 And finally, a cup of wood firred coffee… served up in my favorite man’s cup with plenty of room for all four fingers.
     With the coffee pot resting comfortably and warmly on a hot stone, it’s time for the bacon, the cornerstone of camp fire cooking. And from the leavings of which ALL good things are made.
Shortly the eggs are plopped into the bubbling layer of bacon fat that had accumulated in my cast iron fry pan.
     And finally my camp fire breakfast is done..
     Perhaps next time the camp fire will be located on the shores of West Grand or Moosehead or some little island in Penobscot Bay.
But where ever it may be a campfire breakfast is one of THOSE true joys of my life…