Pizza At The Plumb and Bobber Searsmont

It was cold, no not cold but frigid..a perfect evening for it…

We took advantage of the gracious invite by Deb and Mike to join them for a pizza party at their home in Searsmont village.  Not just any old regular pizza party mind you but this party would have pizza baked in their vintage brick oven located in their basement room, named The Plumb and Bobber .

They discovered the walled in oven during one of their many renovations of their old village homestead. And with painstaking attention to detail, have been adding thoughtful touches to the decor and functionality of this wonderful spot.

PizzaPartyA PizzaPartyAAHaving started the fire earlier in the afternoon..the oven was at a toasty 900 plus degree temperature, nearly attaining critical mass.

PizzaPartyFSo letting the flames die down to a beautiful bed of coals  we had time to enjoy our appetizer of mussels with smoked butter and garlic.

PizzaPartyCCAt this temperature and under Mike’s watchful eye it wasn’t long before they were on the table.

PizzaPartyDAfter our shellfish it was time to choose the toppings and spices for our pies.

And there were many choices to be had with a well stocked and well thought out pantry.

PizzaPartyB PizzaPartyCDeb was soon putting the finishing touches on what just happens to be my favorite pizza,  green pepper, onion and pepperoni,  which she elegantly prepared on a white marble counter top..

PizzaPartyEAnd this was just the beginning, as one by one the pies were shuffled into the oven for a quick, ( I’ll call it flash)  baking.PizzaPartyGAnd in very short order, onto the table..

PizzaPartyHA perfect, apple wood fired, brick oven pizza..

Now that’s what I’m talking about!

Thank you Deb and was totally awesome!