There are places I remember Vinalhaven

VinalHaven2011mThere are still a few places left on the the coast  where one can still get the feel of old time Maine. Places that almost transport you back in time to a more simple and sincere Maine. Places that haven’t completely sold out their souls to the summer tourists. I say completely because almost every place in our fair state has been touched and modified by the influx of people who vacation and sometimes even stay, for better or worse..

Vinalhaven and North Haven, at least in my mind, are still trying to cling to the old, Maine ways. They haven’t totally succumbed, yet… Although they have changed a lot from the late 50’s and early 60’s when my Dad and I would strike down to the island from Belfast on one of those flat calm, early mornings in his mahogany Chris Craft speedboat.

And so The Havens are very high on my list of places I remember..

for a very long time now.