Number 15 (or is it 16) Off To College

BabyBailey     It seemed only a few months ago when this little guy joined our family.  He was the 15th (or maybe loose track after a dozen or so) Guiding Eyes For The Blind pups that have landed on our doorstep for their puppy boot camp.

Of course in addition to the everyday honing of his socialization skills and the many training sessions which were provided by my wife Pat, a talented and experienced puppy educator,  Bailey accompanined us almost everywhere. 

He went on our hikes, to our family functions, to our visits to Reny’s and L.L. Bean. He went with us on most of our dining out occasions, finding an appropriate spot curled up under our table.  

And of course he went with us on the many boat rides that we made on Penobscot Bay and the various lakes near and not so near our home in Belfast.

RayBailAnd on those very first boat rides, it didn’t take long for him to figure out that if he stuck close to Ray there was good potential for a kibble to be coming his way.

It wasn’t long before he made himself at home and became an integral part of our lives. And in short time maturing into a fine and very handsome boy…

BabyBailey1And now he’s off doing his career far things are going good for Bailey and we are anxiously awaiting his first Report Card..

And yes..It was very hard to let him go. As it was for the past 14 or 15. Not all of them graduated but that didn’t diminish the joy and love that they added to our lives.