Roach River at Kokadjo..”Pop. Not Many”

Earlier this month and on the way to Spencer Pond, for a few days off the grid , we found ourselves in the “village” of Kokadjo.

Roach1Lying east of Moosehead Lake  and 18 miles north of Greenville, this tiny outpost’s claim to fame is The Roach River. And along with Grand Lake Stream, the East Outlet, the West Branch, the Upper Dam pool and a few others, The Roach is one of Maine’s premier fly fishing waters.

It begins at the outlet dam

Roach4at First Roach Pond

Roach6which I hear is in itself a great spot to drag a Grey Ghost right after ice out. Check out the trophy fish hanging on the wall of The Kokadjo Trading Post, if you have doubts.

Roach5 The  nearly 7 mile long river makes it way thru the Maine woods

Roach2eventually dumping into Moosehead Lake. (Another great story about fantastic Maine fishing spots..)

The Roach is fly fishing and catch and release only with a convenient starting point being the Dam and Dump Pools..

Roach3We found just two fly fishermen only at these popular spots testifying that the fishing pressure during the first week of July is a tad different than May or September.

Much of the fishing can be done by wading, accessing the different pools via bushwhacked trails along it’s length. And while you’re there,  be on the lookout for one of Maine’s most sought after attractions..moose.

But be careful when driving as this sign warns..

Roach7This was a short 2 day family outing to the wilds of Maine. And on top of that we spent one of those days  hunkering down during  tropical storm Arthur’s visit.  Consequently there was very little fishing done but that will change come September, on my next visit to Kokajdo.

…..population not many.