Through the years with Ray

Well yesterday was a very big day around here. 
For those of you who don’t know…
 a regular theme of maine-matters is dog related. For dogs are a huge part of Pat’s and my lives.  We’ve both grown up with dogs and have been blessed with many special ones and a few knuckleheads as well.
I can’t speak for Pat but for me none have been more special then Ray who celebrated his 10th birthday yesterday. We call him our marshmellow boy because he is soft and sensitive and a worry wart and loving and kind and gentle and intelligent…and..and……..
Anyways.. here are some pictures of Big Ray..Through The Years…
Above and to the right:His first days home
To the to college..Guiding Eyes for the Blind
Right: Flying didn’t go so well for Ray..but it worked out well for us
When he’s not doing this..
He’s acting silly…
Or getting some sniffs from Penobscot Bay when we are out boating…
and keeping a watchful eye out on his kibble pouch.
So Happy Birthday Big Ray. 
You’ve enriched our lives beyond description.
Thank you for being you!