Powerless In Maine..Blessings

We received the best Christmas present yesterday afternoon.. “our” power and the gift of a warming and lighted home..electricity returned to our neighborhood around 2:30 shortly after a rescue crew from New York showed up in our driveway.
We were without for 47 hours.  But even through the relief I felt, a sense of guilt tempered my joy…for there are still over 6,000 Waldo County residents without electricity and statewide over 24,000, well down from the previous  totals.  However these falling statistics provide no comfort for those still sitting in a heat-less, dark home. 
So my thoughts go out to them along with my my hopes that they won’t have to endure another cold Maine night without “their” power.
Perhaps when, not if, the next ice storm hits us we will be better prepared.  But I do know this for sure..I will be counting the blessings that I have in my life. Blessings that no storm can turn out.
Thanks so much to the power crews from all over the Northeast that gave up their family Christmas so that we could have ours. But most of all thanks to my family, both blood and extended, and friends for providing us both physical and emotional shelter against the storm.