Ft Point State Park Picnicking and Fishing

On a fine morning a week or so ago, with the tide running just about perfect, I decided to take a boat ride to Fort Point State Park. 
 Located in Stockton Springs, the park is situated on 120 acres, much of it bordering on the head of Penobscot Bay and at the mouth of the Penobscot River and built on the remains of the Revolutionary era, Fort Pownall.
Being very fortunate to be able to travel by boat rather than the road trip up Rt. 1, coupled with the fact that there is a public pier available to boaters, made the trip that much more enjoyable. 
(No worries about beaching the boat on a outgoing tide.)
I’ve been past the pier many times on my trips up the river in search of the elusive striper but never have I decided to tie up there.
The pier is around 200 feet long with a nice float and ramp and as you can see with no overcrowding and no signs prohibiting one of my favorite activities,  fishing from a pier. 
Located at the same spot as the old steamboat landing 
it offers a sheltered anchorage and groomed picnic area.
Perhaps that is exactly what is in the offing in the very near future with a bit of aforementioned fishing thrown in for good measure.
Picnicking and fishing..a pretty fine combination wouldn’t you say?