A Few Hours Well Spent or Gil’s New Adventure


We decided to take advantage of the nice weather Sunday last and head inland, away from the persistently cold wind off the ocean. Although great in July and August, it makes it very uncomfortable to be in an open 17′ boat cruising the salt water this time of year.
(As I write this the air temperature outside is 38 degrees.) 

And realizing that our plan of island hopping was blowing away we said good bye to Penobscot Bay..hello to Lake St. George..

Arriving at the boat launch, just west of the state park, we found it to be over flowing with vehicles and boat trailers.  Of course they were the smart ones. The ones who got to the lake early to take advantage of the much more productive, but colder, fishing time of early morning rather than the warmer,  but later start time that we chose. Accepting the fishing handicap that we imposed on ourselves, we were just happy just to be on the water and enjoying the re-charging effect of the bright, early May sunshine.

It wasn’t long however before I did manage to get a streamer overboard under the watchful eye of Big Ray. 

Or was he keeping that eye on his kibble pouch?

Even our loaner puppy was wondering what the heck was going on..

This is Gil and he is with us for a little while until he goes back to Brooksville and his regular puppy raisers, Kathleen and Steve.  He’s a very good boy, especially when he’s sleeping, and loaded with puppy exhuberance, to the sometimes annoyance of Ray.

Gil has adopted Ray as his big brother (Ray isn’t convinced that it works for him) but they make quite the contrasting looking pair, side by each..

After trolling around and about for some time, we decided the boys needed a break from the boat riding so they could stretch their legs and get some sniffs in.

We put ashore on an island and let the boys do their thing. Gil watching Ray go for a swim, decided to give it a try for himself but needed a little enticement…

But even with that he was a bit reluctant to push off and take that initial puppy paddle stroke. Sizing up the situation he used his problem solving skills and tried using the fallen tree as his solution to his dilemma..

However it wasn’t long before he found himself back on shore shaking his coat after taking a bit of a plunge off the tree and having discovered that swimming wasn’t all that hard to do after all…

Back on board, we took our time returning to the boat launch, enjoying the warm May sun..especially Gil

Gil is, as I’ve said, a guide dog in training and we have been fortunate to puppy sit him for a short time. In a little over a month he will be returning to Guiding Eyes For The Blind for his In For Training test and hopefully a new chapter in his life as a full fledged guide. 

Good Luck Gil

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