Guess I’d Better Be Better…

Guess I’d Better Be Better…


I haven’t done anything on this blog for so long..I am ashamed..

 Everybody Loves Ray – A Marshmellow Labrador

I’ll pick up Ray’s story in a while but in the meantime I’m going to post a couple of recent photos of our pups.

The one above shows Zed on the left, our current Guiding Eyes For The Blind project, shoulder to shoulder with his big “brother” Ray. They were poking their noses out of the Jeep window wondering what sort of treat we might have for them after coming out of the Port Clyde General Store. They are always on the lookout for a treat!

The picture below shows Big Ray checking out one of the islands at Lake St. George in Liberty. This photo was taken last October, our last boat ride.


If anyone out there would like some info on raising a guide dog puppy for the blind check out this link..