2012..My Look Back..Ray & Zed

My review of 2012 begins with probably the most constantly, reoccurring pair of characters in my posts.. Ray and Zed…
Big Ray is especially fond of fly fishing and is very helpful when it comes to line management, usually taking up slack by finding a way to wrap himself up in his work. Notice how nicely the line blends into his golden coat. 
We had quite a number of fishing trips together in 2012 and on the occasions that he flushed out a fish to my fly, he is always very inquisitive about our catch. I look forward to the upcoming 2013 season and to many more fishing adventures with my good boy Ray.
Zed,  a Guiding Eyes For The Blind candidate, is my winner of The Rookie of the Year award. He’s made a lot of progress from a somewhat unsure, tentative, worried pup..
to the master of his domain..
We’ll hopefully have Zed for another six months or so before he moves on to his higher calling. 
These two wonderful companions fill our lives with joy and love and lots of yellow hair. And we wouldn’t have it any other way. 
Happy New Year..Ray and Zed