An Apparition In The Mist…The HMS Bounty

Most harbors are quiet areas in the very early morning, especially when covered in a thick layer of fog. Belfast was such a place yesterday when Ray, my faithful boat dog, and I decided to check out the latest celebrity to grace our fair city of Belfast.

The HMS Bounty was in port for a few days and we decided that a visit was in order. As we turned down Main Street , which gently drops off into the inner harbor, even the tops of the tallest downtown buildings (all 3 stories of them), were enveloped in fog. But as we got closer to the public landing the ghostly, skeletal shapes of the masts and yards started to faintly appear. 

The fog made her look surreal, like a ghost ship quietly drifting on a flat calm ocean.

The stern with her name and those two great lanterns..


 Her bow..

She would be leaving Belfast later on in the day, slipping into the fog, slowly dissolving..

an apparition in the mist.