Salmon Fishing On The Miramichi River 1959

July is the birth month of my dad who was a huge fly fisherman, especially for Atlantic Salmon. And I will be dedicating some of my July posts in memory of him.

He would fish The Ducktrap, The Penobscot Salmon Pool, The Narraguagus or anywhere else, including some pretty decent waters in NB, where he suspected there was a chance of hooking up one of the Holy Trinity of fly fishing according to his sometime fishing companion Ted Williams.

This video takes place at those NB waters, The Miramichi in New Brunswick. Once a year he and his fly fishing bros would head up to the river for a week and they always came back with fish…big fish!

This video is from an old home movie that I re-filmed with my flip cam.  Dad is the one with the tan vest and red sleeves..

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