Fun, Fishing and Family..Let’s Go Boating

 A good portion of my blogging this coming spring and summer will center around the adventures that I find while boating the marvelous waters of our great state.
     I do considerable fishing out of it to be sure, both fresh and saltwater, and hopefully this boating season I will be able to report on some sort of success in that regard. But our boat is much more than a fishing craft. It’s a memory maker for family and friends that come along on the many pleasure / exploratory cruises that we take as well.  From picnicking on a deserted island in Penobscot Bay, to observing birds and animals that live in and on the few of Maine’s many lakes and ponds that we have enjoyed, and of course to trolling a Grey Ghost in the wake in search of a landlocked salmon. These are just a few of the joys that we find in boating and with that in mind…..
      I spent most of yesterday spring cleaning The Lund Rebel Sport.
It got a good washing, the scratches were touched up and then a coat of quality wax, glass cleaned , vacuumed out, batteries charged and set back into their proper positions.
All done with tender loving care.
This annual rite is one of my favorite day’s of the year.
It is so-o-o-o  great to pull our boat out of it’s winter shelter to start a new season of fun, fishing and family.
     So tomorrow or the next day my wife, our dogs and myself will be out on a local lake for the 2012 shake down cruise, which coincidentally happens to host a good population of landlocked salmon, and enjoying the Maine outdoors.
Can it possibly get any better than just being out on the water?
Well perhaps..
I could catch a salmon or two..
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