Exercise In Futility? Stripers In The Riva’?

Well I’m going to go for it Thursday AM..early.. The tide is right (HT @ 9:45)..
partlycloudy Mostly sunny. Highs in the upper 70s. Light and variable winds.                             
 Weather looks great….
I’ve got my arsenal picked out, accompanied of course with the obligatory plugs, flashers and imitation worms. 
I have my area of op’s chosen..from the Bucksport bridge, down the shoreline of Verona Island to Sandy Point…
Now all I need is the presence of stripers..of course there have been no stripers caught in the Penobscot River for a couple of years..but that doesn’t deter me..perhaps this is the year..whatever…I have heard of no striper action north of the Kennebec. So odds are..
Well here’s to the morning! 
(This is the part where I lift my glass.)