First Day Out

I finally got my act together and spent half of today fly fishing..It’s been awhile and my casting skills are atrocious but I got out and enjoyed a beautiful early spring day here in Maine. I decided to try a couple of spots that I had never fished before and one of them, a small “river” that has had in the past a small Atlantic Salmon run, forewarned me about hooking up one of these regal fish..not that there was any worry about that , this time of year..but I duly took note.

There is still a couple of feet of snow in the woods. I was a bit surprised by the amount. When I used to downhill ski , we called this type of springtime snow..corn snow..I guess it’s now called granular..but I digress..

I was a bit surprised as well that the water levels were so I said I’ve never fished this “river” before so I have no prior knowledge of the flows. Very bright and sunny.

A better stretch of river..but not even a bump.

Looking back to the road..
Although I had no luck whatsoever was absolutely glorious getting back out with a fly rod in far as my casting skills,well that’s another matter……………….And as far as the fish..”when the leaves are as big as a mouse’s ear”……